down with new…

by bellab

Vogue Italia The New Aesthetic

It may be counter-intuitive to declare this on what is essentially, a blog about consuming stuff, but I am absolutely well and truly over “new” right now. Sorry, I know it’s contrary to almost every other post on this site (especially the one below) but it sums up the way I’m feeling right now about the beauty industry as a whole. New does not necessarily equal better. There, I said it. Sue me. I suppose my rant is born really out of the fact that every article I’m ever commissioned to write seems to hinge entirely on its element of newness, to the point where it doesn’t matter if it’s a damn good idea if the products mentioned are more than a few months old. Have we really become so fickle that a perfectly good product becomes obsolete almost immediately purely because it’s not brand spanking new anymore (BBs and CCs anyone?)? This, I’m sad to say, is what I encounter time and time again as publications clamber over themselves to appear the most-informed and zeitgiesty while all the while, the bloggers guffaw down on them from on high as they consistently pip them to the post, breaking embargoes and generally fuelling the whole newness hysteria. So, in the interests of putting two fingers up to the relentless world of newness, here are a few products I’d like to salute for their ancient wisdom, their tried-and-tested familiarity and down night oldness. True, you might not see them in the Sunday papers this weekend and they probably won’t be appearing in a pop-up boutique near you anytime soon, but in my eyes, that might actually be a good thing…

Based on a traditional recipe passed down from her grandmother to her father, Gamila first created her skin-softening cream cleansing bars using fifteen different herbs and natural oils harvested in her native home of Galilee, Israel when she was in her 30s. That was 40 years ago. I rest my case.

Gamila Original

Weleda’s cult Skin Food formula, a multipurpose cream I use on my hands, brows and just about anywhere my skin feels a bit parched, launched in 1926 and is still a firm favourite with discerning shoppers, make-up artists and a smattering of celebrities today.

Weleda Skin Food

Compared to the above this is a relatively new entry. But one I just had to mention. Created in 1998, I first fell in love with Penhaligons LP No.9 while on a shoot as work experience for Bliss magazine when I was just 21, three years after it launched. The make-up artist smelled so sophisticated, a world away from the Jean Paul Gaultier Red Jeans I was so liberally daubing myself in at the time. I didn’t actually get to own a bottle until many years later when a beauty editor friend ‘sourced’ a bottle for a birthday beauty bag. A more nostalgic scent I have yet to encounter.

Penhaligons LP No9