ready, set, shop

by bellab

You want hair? Hershesons can help…

This month, two beauty behemoths go head to head as opposite ends of Oxford Street each get a posh new beauty hall.

Over at Oxford Circus Topshop have launched their revamped basement beauty zone and it’s looking pretty good. Not only have the existing franchises, Bleach, Hershesons and WAH been suped- and slicked-up, there’s a new tattoo and piercing parlour, Metal Morphosis, as well as a Strip waxing room and Blink brow bar (recommended by me, best brows for time plus a comp head massage!). There’s also a new ‘hot desk’ reception area so you don’t have to wonder aimlessly into the salons waiting for somebody (anybody?) to notice you while you secretly implode, vowing never to spend your hard earned cash here EVER again. We’ve all been there.

Mood board at Bleach. Yep, Barbie is a bonafide muse.

Back down the road, Selfridges will officially unveil their new Beauty Workshop on 15th, though it’s been semi-open for sometime. Tripling in size with a sleek new design-job by Dutch architects, Uxus, the space will showcase over 50 new skincare, hair and cosmetics brands plus a slew of top beauty treatment counters – Blink & Hershesons, again, plus St Tropez tanning and a nails inc. Paint Shop. Plus, they’ve trumped Toppers with an online booking service. Neat huh?

Beauty Workshop, with virtual customers…

All this upgrading says only one thing to me. Beauty is fast ousting fashion as the high-street’s biggest draw and with Christmas approaching faster than Santa’s Coca-Cola sponsored steam train (sorry, but it is), retailers are gearing up for a big, and beautiful, festive season.