doors to manual…

by bellab

The beautyhaul is off on holiday (well I say holiday, does a friend’s wedding in Brittany qualify in a recession?) and boy, had I forgotten how exhausting it is doing the whole pre-holiday beauty prep schlep. Ooh la la! As the bride might say…

So, just a quick insight then into this beauty marathon as I find time between trying to weigh my hand luggage on my miniscule kitchen scales and deciding which mags to buy at the airport.

1. Ole Henrikson Lemon Strip, £98 as part of a kit of three products – a genius at-home glycolic peel, perfect for use pre-tanning and for a general skin de-gunk and brighten. Pricey, but a little goes a long way.

2. Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum, £16 for travel size – Mr Beautyhaul has been enjoying this particular bottle for a few weeks now. In fact after I’d gifted it to him I immediately regretted it and wanted it back…Hence I’ll be ‘borrowing’ this light as a feather, skin repairing SPF 30 en vacances. You don’t need a separate moisturiser either saving vital washbag capacity. A serious consideration when you’re a bottle hoarder like me.

3. Dr Lewinns Revitalising Hand Polish, £21 – realised in the bath last night I had no body scrub, what the F*&%! So I promptly  reached for the nearest thing, this cult hand scrub, and it worked a treat. NB. I showered again this AM. to make sure there was no trace of oily residue pre-tan, which leads me on to…

4. LDN Skins Couture Spray Tan at Daniel Galvin, 58 George St (ask for Justine) – Okay, so I’m still in the 8 hour ‘cooking’ stage but so far, my Tone 3 tan is shaping up nicely. Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lawrence and VB all love this brand so I’m expecting good things when I shower it off at 5.45am tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.


Photograph courtesy of Nina Leen for Life magazine circa 1950 via