notes on a facial…

by bellab

Mr BeautyHaul is regularly left slack-jawed at the sheer amount of complimentary products and jollys I’m party to in this ‘job’ so I thought it only fair to share the love, so to speak, and send him for his very first facial. Being a treatment virgin I wanted to get him in at the top end and so it was with high expectations that I packed him off for City Recovery Facial at swanky London men’s spa, The Refinery.

Here’s how he got on:

Me: So, your skin looks amazing (like it had been vacuumed and polished, seriously good), what did they do, what did they do???

MrBH: Well the place was really posh, I felt a bit scruffy, but the girl was really nice, made me fill out a form…

Me: No! What did they do to your face?

MrBH: Oh well they get all up in your grill don’t they? It’s quite, well, in your face…

Me: No sh1t Sherlock.

MrBH: Well. She started by wiping off all the dirt.

Me (interjects): I think they call it cleansing…

MrBH: Then she put this mask on and she said ‘oh it might tingle a bit’ but it really stang, I mean really.

Me (inside voice): gosh they really do have a lower pain threshold don’t they.

MrBH: And then she squeezed all my blackheads which hurt, but I kind of liked it.

.Me: Oh yeah it’s good isn’t it, all that gunk coming out.

MrBH: Then she did a sort of massage on my face, it was quite firm, and put on some more potions (his generic term for all beauty products).

Me: so, you enjoyed it then?

MrBH: well yeah, it was really relaxing and she gave me these little samples to use too (produces two vials of Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 and Phloretin CF serum from his jeans pocket).

Me: well your skin looks AMAZING, wish I had your skin (sulks). Cor she even got the really big blackhead up near your eyebrow that I always attack but never manage to get out.

In conclusion, I’ve never seen skin so clean or glowing. Even on a girl.

The City Recovery Facial, ‘designed to combat environmental skin damage’ is available now at The Refinery, 60 Brook Street and The Refinery, Harrods. £115 – 75 minutes or £80 for a 45 minute Express.

Mr BeautyHaul, and his newly exacuated pores, was a grateful guest of Skinceuticals and The Refinery, London.

*I found this image on Pinterest but it’s sadly lacking a credit so if it’s you, or your dad, please get in touch!