Paris-Bombay (via Brixton)

by bellab

So, this one’s been bubbling under for a while ever since Karl Lagerfeld sent his models down the catwalk with huge piles of artfully knotted dreds at Chanel’s Paris-Bombay Métiers d’Art show back in December. Maybe I’m a bit immune since I live in Brixton where we already have a pretty healthy dred count (oh Karl would just LOVE it, I know…). But now the below adverts are plastered throughout every glossy magazine on the newstands, is subliminal momentum for the New Age aesthetic mounting in fashionable circles too?

Much like the similarly indie undercut (championed by Chanel muse Alice Dellal) which started as an extreme, almost sub-culture of a haircut, I wonder if dreadlocks really have the potential to cross into the MANEstream? Dressed with exquisite Raj-era jewels Chanel have certainly made them more appealing, less crusty. Still, on a flawless 20-something model surely anything is possible…

Allegedly (so says Twitter) when Bob Marley died, 19 different species of lice were found festooned inside his dreadlocks. I’m certain the same won’t be said for Kaiser Karl’s platinum ponytail, but still, maybe it takes a man to champion a hairstyle like this. I think it’s safe to say the majority of Chanel’s female clientele will be sticking to their glossy bi-weekly Mayfair blow dries regardless of Chanel’s new look. That said, if any of the aforementioned fancy giving it a go I can certainly recommend an authentic dred-friendly hairdresser along with the number for the best jerk chicken shop South of the River. You’ve seen that scene in Ab Fab where Eddie drives through Brixton, right?

*images courtesy of Chanel via AnOther MagazineGrazia Daily