happy feet

by bellab

It’s been a bit of a, how shall I put it, tentative start to sandal season this year but I think it’s safe to say that from this point onwards, my toenails will remain swathed in colour until about, ooh, mid September. Even if it is now pissing down outside…

This is the time when polishes really get put through their paces. Trampling London’s battered pavements, unveiled suddenly like prisoners of war after months ensconced in brogues and boots, toenails can take a bit of a battering so a hardy, chip-proof polish is what’s required. Doing me proud for the second summer in a row is a Topshop bright coral varnish similar to this one (my coral is no longer available).  Twice in a week colleagues have commented on my pedi. I did it at home on the sofa while watching The Killing. Last week’s episode I might add, and added a quick once over with Nubar top coat for good measure. Cowshed ($$$$) eat your heart out.

According to Butter London, a waterless pedi is the key to a lasting paint job, it’s the technique they’ve pioneered at all the catwalk shoes using an arsenal of associated kit: rather soapy wipes, hydrating heel balm and a nifty glycolic callous remover – that incidentally has just launched to the public.

Water, when used to soak cuticles or even wash feet, temporarily swells your nail bed. Paint in this state and once the nail dries out (and inevitably shrinks back) your lovingly-applied layers of base, paint and topcoat will start to peel away from the nail surface, no matter how expert your application. You really do learn something everyday don’t you? So, stay away from the wet stuff  and take your pick from their desert island-inspired colour palatte. I’ve just spotted the beautiful teal shade I opted for at the launch is called Slapper…Nice eh?

*Weather-proof pedi courtesy of Comme des Garcons