yoga crush

by bellab

In the interests of not boring to death the non-yogis among you, I’ve bullet pointed this post for maximum speed and digestion. New yoga studios are popping up like burger joints in the capital, oh the irony, so here’s why I think you should visit Yotopia in Covent Garden.

#1. Their myo-fit concept. New research shows the body moves in spirals, not linear directions, hence all myo-fit classes are adapted to honour this principle with plenty of lymph stimulating twists and core strengthening asanas. They also encourage gentle pulsing in and out of postures which keeps your muscles better hydrated and reduces the risk of injury. Get your science fix here.

#2. Tuesday 6.15pm Hot Yogasports class with Katie Courts. So far my favourite class. There’s lots of emphasis on breathing – that’s what it’s all about people, not just tying yourself in knots and looking smugly at the person next to you buckling in vain (& pain) for their shins – plus plenty of dynamic flows to work up a healthy, detoxifying sweat. Take a towel. You will need to shower afterwards.

#3. The changing rooms are nice.

#4. So are the staff. Especially Lisa who let me trial the studio free for two months. Her karmic glow is off the scale right now.

#5. The prices are pretty competitive and they currently offer a 10 day pass for £35. Plus seniors, students and unemployed people get 15% off. Must run that last one past my accountant.

That’s all.

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