flash lashes

by bellab

I’m a bit behind of this one I’ll admit, blame it on the 6 month sabbatical soujourn (yeah, erm, I know I’ve been back since July) but how did I ever miss these kick ass lashes from WE ARE FAUX? The new S/S12 collection dreamt up by music industry make-up supremo Ana Cruzalegui launched last week. They’re a little less showstopping than last year’s glitzy collaboration with electro act Ladytron, but seductive and directional (without being drag queeny) none the less. Don’t make the mistake I did and save them for fancy dress (Minnie Mouse if you must ask). Give your pair a Saturday night outing soon and ready yourself for some serious lash fluttering action. I love the vinyl-esque thickness of these Dulcet ones, £10 (fyi the ones in the pic above are called Starmaker).