harder better faster stronger

by bellab

Today’s post is on behalf of my hair. While all around fashion week madness is turning out fantastical sculptural donut chignons (McQueen), dip dye dos (Pringle) and yet another ponytail trend (yawn), we wanted to take a minute, my hair and I, to mark this day.  The day we officially ran out of Aveda’s new shampoo and conditioner. Invati. Say it loud, say it proud in a Vic & Bob ‘ovavoo’ stylee. The range named after the Sanskrit word meaning ‘invigorate’, consists of an exfoliating shampoo, £18.50, thickening conditioner, £20.50, and a zingy scalp revitalizer, £41, created for anyone worried about hair shedding, thinness or loss. I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily one of those people, but even with my short crop I notice little furballs on my pillow most mornings. Or did until I started using this stuff.  It’s Viagra for hair, I swear.

All the products contain a herbal blend called DensiplexTM which features turmeric (incidentally sourced from a fairtrade farm in India), a powerful anti-inflammatory used for centuries in ayurvedic medicine. The exfoliating shampoo also contains a natural salicylic acid extracted from the plant wintergreen which basically blitzes dead skin and sebum blocked follicles so your fledgling strands can reach their full potential – judging from the emergency fringe trim I’ve just booked, mine have gone into overdrive… In trials, testers reported that their hair actually seemed to be growing quicker, in fact, the Aveda bods say this is probably just the result of less breakage and shedding making your mane appear longer and fuller. But if the results are a thicker, fuller barnet in just a few months, who’s splitting hairs?

*image by Russian artist duo WhiteSnowStudio courtesy of Trendland.net