life after lip balm

by bellab

Just a quickie today because a) I’m struggling to keep my eyes open and b) it’s Friday! So, I present to you a pair of patent strawberry lips courtesy of moustacheod snapper Terry Richardson and a little, some might say controversial, lip care advice from Notting Hill’s finest facialist (to the likes of Sienna Miller and more…) Una Brennan.

If, like me, you have seventeen lip balms and ointments secreted amongst various carrying vessels and drawers about your house because on a cold day, your lips resemble those of Gillian Anderson’s Miss Haversham in the recent BBC adaptation, this’ll make the hairs on the back of your neck bristle. However, if you’ve got the metal to give it a go you could save a fortune in balms and beeswax, not to mention the new found space in your handbag.

The lip commandments, according to Una…

“Use lip cream instead of lip balm for 3 weeks, morning and night, and NOTHING on your lips during the day.

Every 3 nights brush gently in circular motions with a soft bristle tooth brush.  Your lips will become drier even cracked throughout the 3 weeks, avoid licking them (!!!! How?).

By 3 weeks you will have weaned yourself off your lip balm addiction and your pout will return to its natural plumpness.  Dry lips will be a thing of the past so it is well worth persevering.”