stealth colour

by bellab

The last few times I’ve visited high-end London salons for supposedly pro dye jobs, I’ve left the premises heavy-hearted with disappointment and on one occasion, a spot of chocolate-coloured dye on my favourite COS sweater dress. We are not amused. The shade, no matter how much the colourist waxes lyrical about a natural finish, just always looks so fake, darker than I’ve requested and with an obvious hairline grubbiness that takes days to wash away. I was, therefore, a little reticent when I was offered a freebie at the new Daniel Galvin salon at the Corinthia Hotel in Whitehall. But…unable to turn down an afternoon of pampering in the capital’s swankiest new sleepover venue, I was cajoled into a vegetable tint. I mean. What could possibly go wrong?

At this point I’d like to split the post in two and talk firstly about the experience. It may sound counter-intuitive, but if I’m honest, going to get my hair done is almost as much about the experience and atmosphere as it is the actual result. As a beauty journalist in the very privileged position of being offered a fair few free hairdos, I actually opt to pay for Kate at ena in Holborn to manage my locks because a) she’s sh1t hot with a pair of scissors and b) the salon feels more like a stylish townhouse than a hairdressers, they play good music and I like the staff.

The DG @ Corinthia salon however, just didn’t do it for me. Firstly it was dead. I was the only customer for the first half an hour until another beauty journalist I recognised trundled in for her own comp cut. But perhaps it’s just taking time to create the ‘buzz’ – that’s our job. Oops. After all, who even gets their hair cut in a hotel apart from tourists and, I don’t know, the staff?? Still, in the trusty hands of colourist Katherine I had a lovely pot of loose leaf tea in an ingenious self-warming teapot (the girl knew how to win me over, obviously) and for once, a believable, shine-inducing and vibrant hair colour. Hoo-bloody-ray! This was around 5 weeks ago and it’s still looking uncharacteristically shiny. I’ve had numerous compliments about how thick and healthy my hair is looking and the semi-permament colours are only supposed to last 8-10 washes. Impressed much?

So, forgoing the somewhat flat atmosphere, I have to conclude that it’s well worth a visit.  The tints, from £85, aren’t cheap but if you want a treatment that subtly enhances your own colour and won’t make you look like you’ve dipped your head into an ink well, I’d get yourself down to embankment without further delay.

To book visit or call 0207 321 3060

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