by bellab

Regular readers (all 6 of you) will know I’ve been in a bit of a pickle with my skin of late. Breakouts plus ever more apparent lines, not to mention parched winter skin, have meant my bathroom cabinet is at all time max capacity while I work my way through a heap of products trying in vain to find a solution. My latest hope comes in the shape of the Blemish + Age range from Skinceuticals. It launched last year and I’d yet to try it until a facialist at the fabulous Jill Zander clinic (more of which in an upcoming post) insisted I get hold of some to sort my schizophrenic skin. The range consists of three products; a cleansing gel £29, a spray toner £27, and a treatment serum £75, all formulated to address blemishes, pigmentation, skin texture and brightness. I literally skipped back from the sorting office package held aloft!

Alas, my first impressions were that maybe it was all just too harsh for sensitive little me. Yes I’m spotty, but my skin is still dry in places and prone to redness especially post-blemish. The range contains a trio of acids; dioic plus AHAs and BHAs and I did experience some tingling and redness after the first few uses. But now? I’ve been using it for a fortnight, with a few days reverting to Darphin’s skin-cosseting Aromatic Cleansing Balm, £49.50,  (I’m also following up with Darphin’s brand new Ideal Resource Smoothing Retexturising Radiance Cream, £50, which I LOVE) when things got too much, and so far so good. My ‘problem’ zones – chin, jawline, and hairline are considerably improved. I’m still the queen of comedones but you can’t have everything…I do love a natural product, no doubt about that, but the older I get the more I realise that a little dose of chemical exfoliant is far better for my skin than any amount of copious buffing with a muslin cloth. Let’s hope this isn’t the slippery slope to monthly botox and chemical peels eh?