smart shopping

by bellab

If, like me, despite the time of year you’re feeling a little recessionary right now, this post is for you. Let it be known I’m no fan of cheap beauty products but beauty bargains? Well that’s a different matter entirely. My current cut-price haunt is none other than TK Maxx. It’s not just cheap yoga pants and Le Creuset pots stashed in there you know. They are packing some serious brands and the more niche, the more likely you are to snap it up for peanuts because (no offense intended) the average TK Maxx shopper  is probably not so clued up on luxury beauty. My most recent coup was  Occo’s Motovun No.3 Deep Forest hand wash.

It usually retails at £18. I swiped it for £6! Okay, £6 for a handwash still isn’t cheap, but the pine, cypress leaf and oak scent is SO addictive I have to keep sniffing my hands for a hit. It’s now installed in the downstairs (show) bathroom ready to wow all my festive guests while a £1 M&S coconut hand soap languishes in our upstairs en suite (well, at least I’m honest about the great hand soap hierarchy eh?). For best results, head to an out of town store. Clapham Junction and Charing Cross road are sadly devoid of such gems but in the Bedfordshire retail park close to my mum’s house it’s a vertibale smorgasbord of luxe candles (This Works Lavender & Roman Camomile being my top pick) sweet-scented natural body lotions and antiaging formulas from little known US brands. Get thee to to a retail park pronto, your purse will thank you for it.

* you can buy this and other great recessionary cards at 9spotmonk