the scissor smith

by bellab

Just a quickie this Friday afternoon while I take a break from writing essential party season prep tips and pitching new year wellbeing features simultaneously!! If you find yourself with a spare hour or so this weekend it’s well worth watching this week’s BBC Imagine episode profiling the life of one of, if not the, UK’s most prolific hairdressers, the eponymous Mr Vidal Sassoon subtitled, ‘How one man changed the world with a pair of scissors.’

It was on late and I inadvertently found myself taking little micro naps about halfway in (narcoleptic) so I also need to hit iplayer and fill in the missing blanks, but from the first half an hour I can tell you this man has had such an interesting life, and that’s even before he started with his Mies Van der Rohe inspired snippy wizardry…. Enjoy!