a surprisingly good body lotion

by bellab

I use body moisturisers by the bucket load and this time of year the need for something really hydrating that sinks in quickly (so I don’t stand shivering for too long starkers) and sweet smelling is at an all time high. I prefer something natural but after a bad experience with an pricey aromatherapy body oil that made my skin super sensitive and itchy, this is one area I’ll concede you might be better off with a dollop of humectant (water-locking) glycerine or petrolatum to keep the skin barrier happy. So, I was more than a little surprised when I hooked this seemingly light and frilly body lotion out of my swag bag in a dire emergency and found it, shock horror, not only left my skin soft and toned feeling all day but also smelt lovely. I should know better. Yardley is an iconic English brand that’s been around since the 1700s and not without good reason. Okay, so it’s got a bit of a Nanna-ish image, but they were sourcing top quality, in-season natural ingredients for their Windsor-based apothecary long before the likes of Ren or Aveda even existed. Not to mention their two royal warrants. Plus at £5.95 for a 250ml pump bottle, Yardley’s Royal English Daisy Moisturising Body Lotion is one product I can afford to stick with, freebie or not. And, as I always try to tell myself when snow-blinded by fancy packaging or an especially stealthy marketing spiel, the test of a good product is one I’m willing to actually put my hand in my pocket and pay for.

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