being bobbi

by bellab

A few weeks ago I came across this Q&A with Bobbi Brown in November’s Vanity Fair (Johnny Depp cover) and ripped the page out to remind me to write about it….and promptly lost it in my somewhat disorganised office. Luckily, Bobbi herself has posted the interview here, so you can also have a read. I think she comes across pretty well. The part about how she got into the business is really inspirational for budding make-up artists and I love to think of her at home donning her clogs for a reality check, though I can’t quite imagine how her kids felt when she danced on stage with Flo Rida. ‘Yes mum, you may be a cosmetic behemoth and the artistic genius behind the no-make-up make-up look (as a concept, selling slap to people who want to look like they’re wearing none is pretty clever, right?) but that doesn’t mean you can bust moves like Beyonce’. We’ve all been there….

I also wanted to post a picture of Bobbi’s new 1991 lip palette launching to celebrate 20 successful years in the beauty business. Back then I was only eleven and what I knew about lipstick could be written on the base of a dewberry lipbalm, Bobbi, on the other hand, was already launching her first range of iconic lipsticks. I challenge any girl not to find a flattering shade amongst this crack kit of colours, ten original brown-based (in Bobbi’s opinion the most universally flattering tone for all skin types) lip colours along with ten new statement shades for the power pout generation. As palettes go, I’m not a huge fan, there’s always a colour/formula you just don’t get on with that sits collecting dust reminding you of the wasted expense, but I think Bobbi’s might just convert me.