smelly cat

by bellab


I think I might be a scent snob. Something in a mass-market fragrance just turns me off. Even if on first waft I really like it, the second I smell it on anybody else, the brief affair is swiftly terminated. I’m currently in a long-term monogamous relationship with a smokey, incensey perfumed oil of oud I picked up in an indian perfumery. I’d never heard of oud but a quick search online reveals a few higher-end ($$$$) fragrance houses – among them Le Labo, Creed and The Organic Pharmacy – using the perfumed resin of the Aquilaria tree, produced only when the wood is attacked by a certain sort of fungus (thanks to Cocktails & Cologne for clearing that up). You won’t hear that insight dropped into the sales pitch in a chi-chi perfumery though I’m sure…

So, on to my next conquest and I have been absolutely dying to get my hands on a similarly obscure fragrance that was brought to my attention thanks to the super-informed London Makeup Girl. Winter Kitty is, according to the blurb on the For Strange Women (even the brand name sucks me in) etsy site, ‘a botanical perfume inspired by felines, fireplaces, and snowflakes. This blend is an artisan rendition of the sweet, slightly musky smell of a kitty who went out for a winter walk and came back with chimney smoke and brisk air lingering in his fur.’ Anyone who has ever loved a cat has got to know this smell. It makes me feel warm just typing it. And it’s not to say I want to smell like a cat, like the horrid smell when they yawn or the particularly whiffy pouches of ‘Hi-life’ meat I have often decanted for my beloved nephew cat Hector, but there is something about their fur that soaks up an almost tangible sent of a bright, dry, autumnal day that I’m really hoping I’ll be able to identify in this fragrance (it could take a few weeks to ship to the UK from Kansas City. USA). For want of not making this the longest, most self-indulgent post ever I’m going to wrap this up here but for fragrance-heads among you key notes are vetiver, wood, frankincense, vanilla bourbon, fir (the tree variety) and mint.