after the horse has bolted

by bellab

At a launch earlier today I got chatting to a journalist acquaintance of mine on the subject of  blogging. We’re both from a print background and she, like me, wonders (and I quote her directly) if she’s ‘arrived at the party too late’? It set me thinking about my motivation for writing this blog. It certainly isn’t to take on the career beauty bloggers. I’m never the first to hear about Dior’s new launch or the latest celebrity collaboration and I don’t think I ever will be. If anything I’d like to avoid celebrities as much as possible – it dominates so much of what I’m asked to write about in my day job I want this to be a pap-free zone. Another reason is to practise. No matter how good a writer you think you are, you have to keep the pencil sharp. Like an artist that stops sketching or, okay enough clichés I’m sure you get the picture, practise really does make perfect. It’s also a platform to work out the embryonic features ideas rattling around in my head and test the water for stories I’d like to pitch for my *dream* publications. But perhaps most importantly, it’s an outlet. I get sent so much information every day and invited to some truly amazing and interesting events that I just never get to mention in print. Either they’re not relevant or wrong for the publication I’m writing for, or sometimes the timing just doesn’t work out. My current clients might never commission me to write about a brand new meditation retreat in the Atlas mountains, a Japanese tea ceremony event, a south London hair salon or a £70 body lotion you can only buy in Liberty, but now I have thebeautyhaul, that doesn’t really matter.

P.s check out the wonderfully motivating, if a few per cent schmultzy, makingthingshappen for more self-help nuggets packaged in a pretty graphic stylee.