tip top

by bellab


Knowledge is at the forefront of all beauty prowess, to my mind anyway. No doubt natural beauty lies in the genes, an insouciant flick of eyeliner and a certain knowing smile but the practised, hard-working beauty buff knows that practical, insider tips are worth their weight in gold. So, imagine my glee at unearthing this tip-stuffed beauty secrets feature written by Cara Birnbaum in an old back issue of Allure. These indispensible nuggets of beauty advice on every topic from DIY intensive hair conditioners to emergency skin calming concoctions are offered up from ‘behind the velvet rope’ by celebrities, style icons and pro-make-up artists alike and some are so bizarre that even as a seasoned beauty editor, I had to read them twice to get the gist. My favourite? Cher using an old toothbrush and a bar of Neutrogena soap to groom and set her eyebrows as told by make-up artist Brad Wilder who worked with her way back in the 70s on the ‘Sonny and Cher’ show. Just proves that a decent beauty tip never goes out of fashion.