kettle club

by bellab

First, a quick apology for the lack of blogtivity this past week. Monsieur BT is not due in the new abode until, shock horror, October 13th, so until then I’m begging, stealing and borrowing wifi connections like there’s no tomorrow…

So, to matters of wellbeing. Today’s post brings me round to one of my all-time favourite pastimes, drinking tea. Mr Beautyhaul gets in such a fluster every time the kettle goes on. Bagged or loose? Herbal or caffeinated? Soya or skimmed milk? Or any milk at all for that matter. He’ll go nuts when he sees the new additions I’m wedging into the already bulging tea drawer from Bloom. Available from BeautyWorksWest, incidentally my newest beautyhaul crush, the 5-step Tea Treatment Plan, £19.99, consists of posh blends in those silky fabric teabags designed to tackle specific wellbeing woes from digestion to de-stressing. Okay, so they’re not exactly going to change your life, but never underestimate the power of taking five minutes out to ‘unpack’ your overstuffed head over a freshly brewed cup of early grey. Especially if you’re rocking an old school Le Creuset kettle like moi, there’s no rushing that badboy.

P.s I couldn’t resist this kitty and kettle shot courtesy of Novalis on a Motorbike via flickr. He’s blocked the download of his photos, fair dues, so I’m hoping this creeping credit means he won’t bust my balls for ‘borrowing’ it.