nomadic noses

by bellab

Molton Brown is a brand close to my heart. My sister worked in the Cambridge branch to fragrantly fund her way through university. Every Christmas and birthday I’d eagerly await my MB package, bedecked in monogrammed ribbon and purchased with her generous staff discount. Bashfully she’d apologise for the predictable gift, I on the other hand, was never disappointed. As is often the case with brands that offer a men’s and women’s range (Kiehl’s, Liz Earle, SpaceNK to name a few) I nearly always prefer the woodier, musky scents of the men’s collection – in Molton Brown’s case I’m a Black Pepper girl all the way.

So, I’m very excited then by their new range of unisex ‘artisanal’ fine fragrances, a ‘Navigation Through Scent’, launching this month. Inspired by a sensory journey following the old spice routes across the globe via Egypt, China, Canada and, erm, England, the names are suitably exotic and are footnoted with obscure (but kinda cool) coordinates correlating to their origin. Still emptying the sand out of my rucksack from a recent trip to Bali & Lombok, I have my eye on Singosari (07° 91ʼS, 112° 65ʼE) a blend of Indonesian spices and patchouli – a sure-fire stable mate for the black pepper shower gel I don’t think I’ll ever tire of. As an aside, I’m also really pleased for MB to be launching a collection that, hopefully, is more rip-off-proof than the ubiquitous hand wash and lotion duos that now appear in every gastro pub loo from London to Lancashire. They’re a truly great British brand, they never test on animals and favour high quality ingredients that really do warrant the price tag. Remember that next time you’re tempted to slip a, how shall I put this, inferior bottle into your shopping basket.