thermae spa, bath

by bellab

The week before last I found myself in the picturesque city of Bath for a much anticipated spa day with my two beloved sisters. A final treat before the summer was out and one of the three swanned off to a sunshiney new life in South Africa. The unusual part for me in this experience was that, shock horror, I was required to pay with my own money! It’s no secret that beauty editors regularly get to trial treatments and, in all fairness, it’s a perk that compensates for a lets-call-it-creatively-modest wage but still, it can make you sort of anal when it comes to dipping into your own pampering fund.

Alas we were not disappointed. We all opted for the Thermae Treat package, £65, which includes 3 hours use of the spa facilities (rooftop thermal pool, steam rooms, sun terrace and jacuzzis) as well as a 50-minute back, head and foot massage.  The massages, we all agreed were expert. I’d go so far to say one of the best back massages I’ve had. Firm and unrelenting on my knotted shoulders but softened up with a hefty dose of sweet smelling natural oils (they use US brand Pevonia). However, the spa itself did get really busy during the time we were there – a Friday afternoon – and by the time we made it to the rooftop thermal pool blissed out post-massage we were greeted by a throng of excitable hen parties and amorous couples making the whole experience more reminiscent of a primary school swimming gala than a relaxing spa. Still, for £65 what can you expect? I’d pay that for the treatment alone so anything else is a bonus. Don’t go here if it’s sanctuary and inward contemplation you’re after. Do if you’ve got a weakness for wave machines and buoyancy aids.

*I found this gorgeous sunshine in a swimming pool snap at