spa chez you

by bellab

In a matter of weeks, the fantastic Urban Retreat spa (of Harrods fame) is coming to a suburb near you as they roll out their new ‘At-Home’ service. Now, I’m just not sure how I feel about this. Gut instinct tells me I might get more stressed about a) the therapist being able to find an unrestricted parking space for her (especially customised) Audi A1 anywhere in the Lambeth area, b) my flat being a touch unkempt/dusty and c) worrying about the huge pile of filing lurking behind a cupboard door that I will eventually have to tackle. After all, isn’t that one reason we go to spas? To escape from our real lives?

Domestic anxiety aside, I can imagine this is a perfect solution for people with young children (that like to sleep in long, undisturbed bouts), hen parties, the down-right lazy and, erm, agoraphobics. Some thought and research has obviously gone into the concept and, quips aside, the process does sound really quite alluring: A fully trained therapist arrives at your house equipped with treatment couch, fragranced room sprays a crack kit of UR approved products with a serene playlist loaded on to her ipod. Personally I like the sound of the Cloud 9 – an hour and forty-five minutes of facial and full-body massaging but with 7 packages to choose from, you could buy a weekly visitors parking permit and call them out every day of the week if so inclined.