happy teeth

by bellab

Chatting with some friends at the weekend, one Italian and one French, the subject eventually came around to toothpaste. The beauty-savvy continentals, it seems, can’t stand the saccharine-sweet, mouth-full-of-foam varieties you buy in 3 for 2s at the supermarket. I’m inclined to agree. On the insistence of the Italian I now have a tube of Weleda’s Salt Toothpaste, £3.50, winging it’s way to me for trial. A brief potter about online confirms it already has a cult following. The salt stimulates saliva production, for naturally stronger gums, while the gently abrasive formula brightens teeth as a convenient side effect. Meanwhile I’ve been wondering about Couto’s Toothpaste, £5.50, available at Anthropologie and Victoria Health. As well as bathroom-friendly vintage packaging, the nearly 80 year-old pharmacy formula is stuff off Portuguese beauty legend. Well have you ever seen a Portuguese person with bad teeth? Well have you?

gap-toothed grin courtesy of lottaagaton.blogspot.com